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Bowel movements.
January 28, 2010, 5:33 pm
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Ok, I think I’ve been constipated. Metaphorically speaking.

See, I’ve wanted to start this blog for, hmm, a couple of years now and have been held back by one excuse or another. Now I feel as if I’ve got a whole lot of content backed up inside me and this is making it difficult for me to know where to start.

Then when I do start to write, so much stuff comes out that it’s a huge mess and I can’t stop. Wait, maybe I have diarrhoea?

Goddamnit, I can’t even come up with a suitable poo metaphor.

Here, Internet, in keeping with the theme of this blog… I drew a sexy turd just for you!

You know you want some of my buttery goodness!

More real content and less inept crap comparisons coming soon!


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Ha ha thanks :)

Comment by Jake

Nice :)

Comment by Eff

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