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Like a Virgin
February 20, 2010, 5:58 pm
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In the conventional sense of the word, I lost my virginity when I was 16. It wasn’t a big deal, I was with a boy I liked and it was entirely my choice – he was too shy to ask, I had to make all the suggestions but god damnit, I wanted to do it!

Life went on basically the same after I had a cock in my cunt for the very first time. However, I remember one day talking to a friend of mine who was older, played the guitar, had his own apartment and oozed confidence. In my naivety, I thought he was totally cool. Let’s call him Dickwad McGee.

One day I was hanging out with Dickwad McGee and we were discussing a mutual friend. For some reason, Dickwad started to compare my desirability with my friend’s. Dickwad told me that I was hot, but that ultimately my friend was more desirable because she wasn’t “used goods”. She was still a virgin.

Yeah that pissed me off. For one thing, I was convinced (and still am) that experience and skill is a good thing. But more than that, I couldn’t believe that somebody in my part of the universe thought virginity was still a big deal.

To this day, I am still shocked and disgusted by people who think virginity is some sort of holy, sacred, special thing. What’s the big fucking deal? The conventional idea people have about a person losing their virginity is when a penis enters a vagina!  Something going in and out of an orifice? Nobody made a song and dance about the first time a crap left my arse, as far as I can tell!

Argh. To equate virginity to a kind of purity and cleanliness is to make sex something corrupting and dirty. If someone can explain to me why sex is corrupting and dirty without resorting to religious rhetoric, romantic rubbish, or pseudo-scientific codswallop… well, I’m all ears and orifices!

In my ever so humble opinion, purity is a notion used to control women’s sexuality, it fetishizes youth and inexperience and gives us unhealthy attitudes about sex. Besides, it’s just plain unrealistic and the sooner people stop preaching this abstinence based bullshit, the sooner we can evolve as a species.

As a final note… when I typed “evolved” I realised that I’ve probably completely destroyed any chances of making a persuasive argument to the sort of people who believe in this abstinence nonsense so instead I shall quote directly from the Holy Bible;

“My children, thou shalt go forth and fuck. Except for this guy, he’s creepy.” Nio 3:15



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This concept of bagging a virgin as being the ultimate studly accomplishment really confuses me. Especially when it’s held up as this incredibly crucial requirement of brides by people who live by the rules of dusty old superstitious cults. Because if a woman becomes “used goods” after one fuck, what is the point of monogamy anyway? If she’s going to be ruined and unclean before the wedding night’s even over, then if we extend the logic haven’t you just inextricably joined your life with someone who is eternally sexually faulty? Doesn’t it make just as much long-term sense to hook up with Fanny Fuckalot, since the corrupting power of your almighty cock is going to sear the angelic goodness out of your blushing bride’s vulva on Day One anyway?

Anyway, I guess my point is that this Dickwad McGee sounds like a cool guy and I’m sorry things didn’t work out with you two.

Comment by Wes

So am I. Thanks Wes. Pleeeease give me another chance!!

Comment by Dickwad McGee

Well seeing as you asked so nicely…

Comment by Nio

mmmmmmm virgins

Good post! effective Contraceptives have been the best tool that puts women in control of their sexuality.and leaves no place for mind games about sex or them having sexual desire as being dirty thank god. Dickwad should realise the fetishes in your libido are there to get you horny, their not to be taken literally. and if as a man you concentrate solely on your dominant side and your libido is consume with your own desire I think you seriously miss out on the enjoyment of being desired.

Comment by Jake

The result of a conversation about the unbalanced status virginity with a friend tonight is.
Giving sexual love to someone can be amazing, making room in your life for children is even more amazing, not bothering to do any of that? not quite as amazing :)

Comment by Jake

Even when I lost my virginity I was accused of having lied about it being my first time (which was flattering in a way, dispite being called a lier) so my sweet innocence wasn’t enjoyed anyway because I apparently fuck like a champ.
So not only do I have to be a virgin to be ‘pure’…but also bad in bed?

Comment by Oz

Wait, you’re NOT bad in bed? Man so the rumours are FALSE? ;)

Comment by Nio

[…] Reading this brought back another pleasant memory I have about a “friend” I had in my teens, Dickwad McGee. Remember him? […]

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