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February 25, 2010, 9:23 pm
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Two friends of mine are starting a zine and as one of them put it, it’s going to be a  “totally amazing radical outta control zine”! I totally believe him! He would not lie!

The first issue is going to be about fucked up childhood and so when they asked me to contribute something, I was totally keen. I decided to make it somewhat autobiographical, though this is actually a toned down version! It’s going to be printed across two A5 pages, but I’ve made the format a little different for online reading. I’ll let you guys know when the zine is out. These are exciting times we live in, my friends!

Hardcore pony on pony action is your favourite wet dream, admit it!

Clicky le thumbnail!

This took me forever to shade and so afterwards, when my boyfriend showed me this tutorial… I almost cried. Doh! At least I know what to do next time. I have much to learn about comic making. And I totally need to get my hands on some better fonts, font nerds will be vomiting blood and rage at my use of comic sans. I’m sorry, folks!


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Ha ha that’s good. I’m sure we all know someone who acts like they probably did come out of their mums bum hole :)

That’s a good comic you should do some more. I was wondering what the ponies pissing on each other would look like and now I know, ha ha.

Comment by Jake

You know how great I think this is. Lots of great, for the record. But yeah, there’s no excuse for comic sans and I think it cheapens the look of things. There’s a great bunch of free alternatives to comic sans for download here: http://bancomicsans.com/fonts.html

But yes, I thoroughly love this and it makes me want to do a fucked-up puppetry video with you.

Comment by Lus

Wow, I didn’t even notice the comic sans.

… I guess your next comic will be sans comic sans.

Comment by Wes

Why was the pony coughing. He was just a little hoarse…

This is awesome. I love your non cheating, atypical shading techniques!! It looks fantastic!

Comment by Laura

soooooooo awesome. I’m so excited to put this in print form. The zine will rock all cos of you! You make great comics too. And whoah you even did it on the puter! It looks so profesh.

Comment by frankiehannah

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