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Johnny Weir
March 1, 2010, 9:46 pm
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A friend of mine has an excellent blog that you should read if you don’t already, Critical Masculinities. It’s a great blog and getting better all the time.

There’s a regular segment he does called “Masculinity of the Month” and this month he has chosen figure skater, Johnny Weir. I’d like to suggest you check out the Critical Masculinities post and learn a bit more about Weir who I find really inspirational for his bravery, talent and generally awesomeness.

It deeply offends me when people mock a man for behaving in a “feminine” manner, as if there’s something shameful about being feminine. Weir is much more of a man than any beer guzzling, homophobic, football playing, fearful, prejudiced beefcake could ever be.  To me, there is no man more admirable than one who strong and secure in himself.

Gender binaries are stupid, people! How about we start embracing each other for the beautiful, complex, varied creatures we are instead of forcing ourselves into these inflexible, inhumane categories – male and female, black and white, us and them, bah and humbug.

Eep. I just about worked myself up into a deep dark mood there indeed but then I watched Weir skate to Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face” and all was right in the world again. Johnny Weir, you are my hero.


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Nyaw! Thanks for the linkage.

Comment by Critical Masculinities

Yup, I’m “fruity”. You get used to it though.

Comment by Jevon

Humans have a very wide set of sexual tastes and ways of being. just because something appears to be the most popular we don’t all have to conform to that as if you’ll never get a lover if you look/speak/whatever like that. Look at all the variety of specialist porn sites with different sexualities . Not everyone likes what I like, (1st rule of commercial Graphic design ) Actually it’s amazing how money makes people who would otherwise be dismissive of something not only accept it but cater for it’s needs if doing that makes them money :) i.e gay marraige and the wedding industry. I’m gonna stop rambling now :)

Comment by Jake

whoah that made me smile. And then I exclaimed and now veronica and Emma will probably check this out. x

Comment by Hannah

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