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March 10, 2010, 10:20 am
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Important woman business!

Apparently, drawing women masturbating is becoming an accidental theme with me in this blog. I doodled this in under ten minutes while lying in bed, attempting to recover from having my wisdom teeth removed. I dig the weird stylisation and simple lines… I was thinking about Aubrey Beardsley. though obviously I’ve a long way to go before I can compare to Beardsley.

Anyway, I actually have been busy and/or recovering from the ordeal of having four teeth removed at once. I also have a commission and some other work I need to get done for a mini exhibition coming up (I’m an artist, sort of, well, I try to be!) But I have about a million things I want to talk about so there will be posts here too. I’m still just getting into the swing of writing ’em!

Oh I also recently had my first film go live at ifeelmyself.com. I’m not sure I have much to say about it at this juncture. I was nervous as first – seeing yourself revealed in that way on camera is pretty confronting, especially for those of us who struggle with body issues sometimes (er, isn’t that all of us?). However, when the film came out, it was somewhat anticlimactic* both for the responses it got and how I felt about it, but I’m ok with that. It certainly wasn’t a traumatic experience, I think it’s actually been somewhat liberating. Also, I got to film and edit it myself and that has really opened my eyes to the potential of what can be done in the future. Huzzah!

* Well, there was a climax, three actually! But you know what I mean.

Edit: Oh yeah! Also, my article on female orgasm was reposted at the Cuntlove blog. Cuntlove’s a great blog, so go check it out, leave comments, spread the cunty, cunty love!


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that picture is great, haha

Comment by sequoiaredd

I am a bit sad– the site won’t allow me to see anything except the still capture for any video except their look what $26.95 a month will get you(or get you off, perhaps), so I cannot comment considering I spend less than $27 a *year* on such anything that isn’t food, shelter, medicine, or transportation to get the food and meds and be taken back to shelter. Since I am literally saving up for a new pair of much needed orthopedically sound shoes that I get every 3 or so years long past mine wearing out (thankfully most of my shoes have lasted at least 6-8 years as I learned cheap few wear shoes were awful for feet, budgets, and moral values that have forced a boycott on all things made in China and similarly governed hostile nations)… Is there a way to view it without tossing $$ at them? I recognize wordpress won’t be thrilled hosting, but maybe some filelodge/yousendit type service?? Even your own “private ish” gmail account (or a separate one just for sharing) if you have one under 2Gb? Redtube?? Xtube? I don’t remember the name of the free to and free for all yt copycat… I have actually never been on it, only seen youtube comments about it. Anyway, am I missing something? I go to your page, click the file, and the still promo with the play |> in a circle at the bottom right… Clicking does nothing, but their watch this HD thinger does, so it isn’t apparently my device… Sigh. I wanna be rick, dernit!

Comment by Laura

Ahhh sorry lovely, they’re a paid site. Something’s gotta pay for the fancy cameras, equipment, and contributor’s time!

Maybe if I get the guts, I’ll post some stills. There are some stills I quite like.

Comment by Nio

Just curious – do you get paid for uploading?

Comment by Jevon

Yep I sure did and I also get small payments from the folios depending on how many people click on them and stuff like that. See here: http://www.feck.com.au/nakedambition/p5.php

The pay is nice but not a huge amount, the company’s not a huge company… but it’s a nice bonus on top of doing something really fun!

Comment by Nio

Wow! Great drawing. :D I love the style. :)

Comment by Rhiannon

I’m curious about the site and I’d like to see your upload but is there anything out there that’s like this but has more of a range of women in terms of how they look, they’re almost all thin and conventionally attractive and I can’t help thinking that to make really feminist porn it’s better to recognise the beauty of everyone. IFeelMyself is a major improvement over the kind of porn I’ve seen before though, it’s more individualistic and they don’t use misogynistic language to describe the women, it’s centered on female pleasure, etc… Oh and your drawing is cool, I love the lines and how full she looks.

Comment by RadFemHedonist

Well within the actual ifeelmyself website, there’s more of a range of women in regards to age and body type.

However, I think the type of “look” shown in the preview images is a little narrow in the spectrum of what it shows, which is unfortunate. The makers of ifeelmyself do try to encourage a broader variety of women to contribute, as far as I can tell – but they don’t deliberately go out seeking a certain ‘look’, rather wanting women to approach them.

But yeah, I think if I ran the company I might do things a little different – but I don’t and I still really appreciate all the good work that ifeelmyself does. It’s light years ahead of most of what is out there, for sure!

Off the top of my head, a company that seems to have a really cool, inclusive sort of attitude is http://nofauxxx.com/ but I’ll admit I haven’t checked them out for a little while.

Sorry if this comment’s a little incoherent, it’s been a long day! But thanks a lot for your comment!

Comment by Nio

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