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March 16, 2010, 12:49 am
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I thought I’d share some photos from the first porn I ever made. I did it early last year for ishotmyself.com. The website specifies that the contributors have to plan and take the photos themselves, so that they’re in total control of the images produced. This form of self portraiture proved more difficult than I’d anticipated but I had a lot of fun. The experience gave me a taste of what making my own sexual imagery could be like and I loved it. I also won ISM’s $500 art prize for this folio, that went towards a new camera! There are a lot more photos in the folio on the website, but here are some samples.

Slutmonster by Nio, 2009.

Dare to be monstrous, she told us (…) The monster is female, wild, dangerous, a hero and a criminal in one terrifying flesh – an enemy to the cock culture that attempts to reduce everything to heterosexual materiality. Remember, the central female organ that makes us different and strong and artists is not the womb but the brain.
~ Bertha Harris, a Memoir in Dorothy Allison’s Skin: Talking About Sex, Class and Literature, 1995

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Beautiful <3

Comment by Erinkyan

Go Slutmonster! Spew those beads!

Very otherworldly – and you don’t often hear that word used to describe porn. Also love the use of the frame in the second picture, and the fact that you’ve not only utterly ignored the “traditional” porn stereotype, but punched it in the face and had unprotected sex with it’s grandfather. Love it, love it, love it.

Comment by Lus

Well if you’re going to have unprotected sex, have it with a grandfather.

Comment by Nio

I like the picture with the beads. I like use of colour.

Comment by Kitty

I am addicted to colour, can you tell?

Comment by Nio


Nice to see you posting this up here. These are awesome, and if anyone is interested the rest of the folio is awesome too!

Comment by Wes

Neat stuff! The one with the (picture frame?) is especially striking. I’ve been thinking lately about whether I want to get into porn when I return to America. Maybe art porn is the way to go.

Comment by Clarisse

Thanks a lot! Yeah I love the idea of making art porn, though I’m still figuring out exactly how it will work.

Comment by Nio

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