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Salvation Army attacks sex positive activist.
April 4, 2010, 1:01 pm
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I’ve had my own interest in BDSM attacked by people for reasons that always seem to boil down to fear and ignorance… but this sort of thing especially disturbs me.

Salvation Army attacks sex-positive activist through its human trafficking email list – Post by the awesome feminist, pro-BDSM, sex-positive blogger, Clarisse Thorn.

Maybe Maimed but Never Harmed The blog belonging to Maymay. You can read all his incredibly calmintelligentinspirational responses to the attacks.

We live in a world full of people who are scared of sex.  Personally, I believe that these people must have messy, difficult relationships with their own sexuality and so what do they do? They project their fears and insecurities onto the rest of the world and become the moral police.

The moral police will look at someone who is deviant in their sexual practices and behaviours – be they gay, masochistic, foot fetishists, whatever – and they will see these people as without boundaries or personal ethics. They will lump these people together with paedophiles and rapist. They will slap a big fat label “WRONG” on anything that scares them and justify their fears with ignorant, half-baked theories.

Why do they do this? Perhaps so they can feel like good people by attacking external sources instead of the much more difficult task of facing their own inner demons. Like vicous anti-gay politicians who turn out to be gay, I can’t help but wonder if people who attack BDSM are afraid of their own inner kinksters. I don’t know. I find it very hard to comprehend the motivation behind these people.

All I know is that they disturb me. I believe that fear is one of the major driving forces behind the atrocities people commit against each other and when fearful people have a sense of moral righteousness they use to justify their fear (Won’t somebody PLEASE think of the children!), that can be a potent and terrible force indeed.

Anyway, I apologise for this post. I think it’s pretty ranty and not nearly as clever or calm as Maymay is being. I just felt I had to get these thoughts out. Opinions always very welcome.


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I apologise for this post. I think it’s pretty ranty and not nearly as clever or calm as Maymay is being. I just felt I had to get these thoughts out.

Please do not apologise for this post! I thank you from the bottom of my heart for writing it and for showing your support for me and the work I do publicly. Visible public support from bloggers like you can turn the tide against fear-mongers like Donna M. Hughes and Margaret Brooks.

You do not need to be calm or brilliant, you just need to be vocal. And you are. So, thank you.

Please continue to be vocal, please continue to spread the word about this most recent (but not the first and probably not the last!) round of bigotry, and please continue to help make the world a safer place for anyone with a considerate and respectful interest in pleasurable sex.

Comment by maymay

No problem, thankyou!

Comment by Nio

They say people fear that which they recognize most in themselves.

Comment by LetsEatCake

[…] this reality, it is deeply troubling to think that other people’s moral judgements would replace the rights of parents to be decision-makers in their own children’s lives. […]

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