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Fatty Delicious – April Flores
May 6, 2010, 5:59 pm
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No this blog hasn’t died. I’ve simply been busy preparing for a month long holiday in Japan. I leave with my partner at 6AM tomorrow and we shan’t return until June the 6th! Mwahaha! I hope to return with a tentacle monster to call my very own! Failing that, a gothic lolita costume to roam the streets of Melbourne in, and perhaps a Hello Kitty vibrator – just for good measure.

I promise some chunky, textural, rich and buttery posts upon my return. But in the meantime, I wanted to talk about someone I’ve only recently became aware of and who I instantly fell in love and lust with. Her name is April Flores and her website is Fatty Delicious.

The delicious April Flores from Bizarre Magazine shoot found here.

Now there’s a part of me (the part that read Female Chauvinist Pigs and that reacts to raunch culture with “Uh oh! This is problematic!” type alarm bells) that wants to talk about the complex and tricky topic of objectification. However, another part of me is thinking “Fuck problematic! She is sexy and inspiring!” so rather than have a whinge, I want to talk about why I love April Flores right now.

In a world where ideals of beauty tend to be limited and rigid, Flores is a reminder that sexy can come in many different packages and can ultimately be self defined. I also admit that I’m rather drawn to her pin-up look, her wonderfully red hair and her in-your-face sexuality. Recently I learned a new word, “superstimulus” and that came to mind when I saw photos of her.

Flores recently won the Feminist Porn Awards 2010 “Heartthrob of the Year” award. As they said “April Flores does not apologize for her sex appeal, and makes it safer for everyone to embrace their own sexiness.” I can’t help but agree! Rock on, gorgeous lady!


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May GOD Bless You!!! Mark

Comment by markbyrd

Nice to see you using the F word to describe sex appeal :) April reminds me of Beth Ditto of Gossip http://i284.photobucket.com/albums/ll9/jakeypooywoos/beth-ditto-love-cover.jpg
My libido likes your bursting out of that dress plumpness the best :) Saw someone at the railway station who was plump and bursting out of her satin top. I didn’t have the guts to tell her she looked lovely :) too risky :)

Comment by Jake

As an aside, I get annoyed when people say “Real women have curves” because that just sets a different sort of ideal up that excludes women of varying body types.

That said, I like comments like the one you made because it reminds me that people have different tastes and that helps me to feel comfortable in my own skin.


Comment by Nio

Actually if she had burst out of her top she would’ve looked much the same as Beth.

Comment by Jake

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