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June 11, 2010, 7:26 pm
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My second folio for ishotmyself.com was called “Nereid” and I did it during a time when I was preparing for an exhibition about mermaids. Also, I had just rediscovered a song that I loved when I was in my middle teens in all its sexy, kitschy glory; Underwater Love by Smoke City. Eh heh. I have to admit that song still makes me gooey, perhaps because it did when I was a gooey, horny teenager with no outlet for said gooey horniness! Ahem, anyway, in this folio I wanted to capture something of the stagy, kitschy, dangerous, ugly, voluptuous sexiness that surrounds the mermaid mythology and explore what it meant to dress up and play mermaid in the comfort of one’s home!

It turned out being a lot trickier than I had originally anticipated however – after photographing myself for a good hour or so in water I’d kept almost cold to avoid steam damaging my camera, I was half drowned, shivering and stressed from avoiding getting the camera in the water while taking photos at arm’s length! This revealed some of the limitation of the ishotmyself project, but I still had a lot of fun.

It’s a pretty big folio so I didn’t fancy sifting through it to decide on my favourites, but here are a few samples that I like. There are many more on the ishotmyself website which is subscription based.

It’s actually been quite awhile since I looked through these photos. I was a bit disappointed with them originally, but now I can’t get over the colours. Red and turquoise combinations give me this funny, tingly sort of feeling as if my cheeks are flushed and I’m sucking on a mint. It’s sort of hard to articulate, it’s more abstract than I can really express, but I think colours are really tied up in my sexuality in ways I’m only really on the threshold of exploring.

I’ve also been flirting with the notion of doing a mini pornographic photography project specifically for this blog as a way of exploring porn as art without restrictions of any particular production company and without the influence of money, simply because I think it could be a fun and interesting exercise. Does this interest anyone? Raise yer hand and say “Aye”!

Edit: Another thing this folio revealed to me is that my body is currently the roundest it has ever been. I’m a fan of the voluptuous and tend to lust over it in the bodies of others, so in a way this suits me. However, it is hard not to judge myself through the eyes of others and the ever-present ideals of body we’re all exposed to on a daily basis in the media. Also, my mother keeps making “subtle” comments. As it is, I’m currently concentrating on getting more physically active in my daily life but I’m trying to keep this in perspective of feeling more healthy and energetic, rather than concentrating on how it may or may not alter my body-shape. I’m not really sure I WANT my body shape altered… I mean, my boobs have never been this big!


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oh aye.
Fuck this folio is good.

Comment by Bobby

Thanks prettyfaced ladyface! Hey we need to catch up sometime soon! xox

Comment by Nio

Cool photos! What kind of camera do you use?

Oh, and aye! :)

Comment by M

Thanks! I took these photos just after I got myself a nifty new Canon EOS 50D, it’s the shizzle!

Comment by Nio

AYE. If you need help, I’m happy to do so.
I so love how you take photos of nakedness, if I was half decent with a camera I’d take some of myself just for fun. Alas neither me nor my camera really communicate past happy snaps.
Also if you want a buddy for any exersise-y thing just let me know. A bunch of friends are taking up fencing on friday nights in the city in July if you want to come with…I’m always happy to go for walks, or if you have some time we can do the 1000 steps, hire a boat and go rowing, or any other fit and fun thing! Training for my black belt I’m happy to slot in anything physical to get this body of mine a little more durable!

Comment by Miss Quin

Miss Quin!

If you ever want some photos just for yourself, I’m happy to help you take some if you’re comfortable with that! I could then give the only copies to you so nobody else in the world would have ’em!

As for the exercise buddy thing, that sounds fantastic! I am totally going to hit you up on that one!

Comment by Nio

I hadn’t seen the 2nd from bottom pic, asa raw image I love it and it gives me a chance to show you what I was talking about with you and your hair looking like a manga cartoon, hope you don’t mind me doing this to it. http://i284.photobucket.com/albums/ll9/jakeypooywoos/nereid_2_131_3.jpg

Comment by Jake

I don’t mind at all! Looks cool flipped like that, though shame about the big blob on my reflection’s face!

Comment by Nio

Ooh just read the bit at the bottom “raises hand and says aye!” I think the independant porn project would likely be interesting and sexy. and of course with out a deadline. Would be nice to make porn the same way as music or movies without a strict deadline.

Comment by Jake

Oh that’s a good point about the deadline thing, yeah!

Comment by Nio


I like the colours, helps that red is one of favourite colours.

By the way, what do you think of burlesque?

Comment by Kitty

Red is my absolute favourite colour, woot!

Burlesque? Well to be honest I don’t know a lot about it but it looks like a lot of fun. I’ve seen a few small burlesque performances where the women were these really spunky, sexy, powerful performers and it made me want to take classes – just another thing on the list of millions of things I want to do! Why do you ask?

Comment by Nio

Just wondering what other people think about it. I would like to give it a go. Need to find some classes, which shouldn’t too hard in Wellington.

Comment by Kitty

Ah awesome! A couple of friends of mine have done classes and loved them.

Comment by Nio

Nervous about participating in actual burlesque classes though. Perhaps the internet can help.

Btw keep up the awesomeness!

Comment by Kitty


This folio does tingley things to me too ;)

Comment by yeahbutnobutyeahbut

Bwahaha! Thankyou lovely lady! xoxox

Comment by Nio

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