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A friend of mine has recently “come out” as a sex worker and has received some criticism for it. I believe that a lot of this criticism is based on people’s ignorance, misunderstandings, or warped imaginations. As she said; sex work isn’t the problem, peoples perceptions about sex work are the issue. My friend is one of the most self-aware, strong women I know (she’s the very same women who gave me the advice that helped me learn to orgasm) and it irritates me that people think they can judge her for a career choice she enjoys far more than previous administrative type work. It is my personal belief that before people judge sex workers, instead of only listening to sensationalist media articles and so on, they should actually listen to what sex workers themselves have to say.  So on that note, I’m going to share a few links and stuff.

I just watched this short film What I Love about Being A Sex Worker. It’s basically a collection of sex workers explaining why they like their jobs. It’s short, succinct and nice to see a film from a sex work positive angle for a change. Now obviously these are probably people doing it out of their own choice, people who may have the privilege and power to be able to set their own conditions. To say sex work is always empowering and enjoyable would be to deny the reality of many people, but it’s also wrong to deny that there really are many sex workers who truly do enjoy their work. Happy, healthy sex workers are not just mythical creatures who exist only in men’s magazines to titillate, they really exist.

One of my workmates introduced me to blog I’ve enjoyed reading, Letters from Working Girls. I’m sure some of them are possibly fabricated but a lot of them ring true to me and in any case, it’s interesting to read all the varying viewpoints. I’m yet to check out its sister sites, Letters from Johns and Letters from Men Who Watch Pornography though I wonder why that can’t just be “Letters from People Who Watch Pornography” because I wouldn’t mind submitting to that.

Rather belatedly, I recently got around to reading Naked on the Internet by the fabulous Audacia Ray. Her book explores the way women are using the internet to explore their sexuality through things such as blogging, webcamming, professional sex work and so on. Though I felt it only skimmed the surface of its subjects (fair enough too, it’s only one book!) I found it interesting and relevant.

Bound, Not Gagged this is a cool blog for sex workers, it’s great because mass media tends to portray sex work in a very specific, sensationalist way whereas blogs such as Bound, not Gagged create a space where sex workers actually have a voice.

Sex Work Awareness is a neat website, the first line in their mission statement reading “We believe that all sex workers have a right to self-determination; to choose how we make a living and what we do with our bodies.”. Nice.

And finally, to prove that sex workers truly are real people, here are a few of links to sex workers who I admire and enjoy reading about. Mistress Matisse, a professional dominatrix. Sequoia Redd, wonderfully opinionated, gorgeous and open about her sex work. Furry Girl, possibly even more opinionated and very articulate, I don’t always agree with her but I find her viewpoint refreshingly challenging.

Of course “sex work” is a very open term, referring to someone who works in the very broad sex industry. Personally, I believe you can apply the term “sex worker” even to someone who works behind the scenes and  as I edit pornographic videos and images, and as I’ve also been in a select few pornographic videos and images, I suppose you could call me a “sex worker” (though I think of it as more of a hobby than fulltime occupation!). So here I am, grew up in the wholesome countryside, had a relatively stable and supportive family life, went to university and got my masters degree and now am involved in sex work just because it interests me. People are always surprised when they learn about what I do and I suppose that goes to show that you can’t judge a book by its cover, nor its occupation!


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Wow great post to drop a link to when trying to enlighten people who display a prejudice. Like the video, think their very brave to come out. Society needs a paradigme shift on this though.

Comment by Jake

Thanks Jake! It’s nice to know there are actually people reading this blog, even while I remind myself that I’m mostly writing it for my own gratification, heh eh heh!

Comment by Nio

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