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Sexy words and sexy objects
July 2, 2010, 8:09 pm
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Here are some interesting (sometimes disturbing) search terms people have used and found my blog:

neon nipples, bowel porn, masturbating mortified, mother’s immoral sex comics, johnny weir clitoris, underwater sex and drowned, delicious porn, bbw turd, epithalamion porn

Epithalamion porn is my personal favourite. I’m confused and intrigued. Is this… an actual thing?

Also, I just bought a “realistic feel pussy” and a “realistic look cock” from Sexyland today for an art project.  I had fun choosing the right genitals for this project with one of the Sexyland shop assistants and promised her I’d send photos.  The cock comes with “anti-friction” talcum powder and the pussy has a very specific smell that reminds me of toys from my childhood and it’s getting me nostalgic. Yep, so, I can’t stop sniffing the fake pussy. Also, when you squash it with your hand, it makes the most delightful squishy, squelchy sounds.

Oh yeah and on the way home from the sexyland, I nearly crashed my boyfriend’s car.

But! Squishy and smelly fake pussy! Hooray!


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Ok, uh, I just had someone search for “www.porn sex kiler exrem nazi german.com” …whoa.

Comment by Nio

Ha ha careful, or you may need to be treated for a sniffing a fake pussy addiction :) Epithalamion porn sounds rather nice actually. Would be a collection of short hot weddng night poems.

Comment by Jake

Yup. Epithalamion porn would either be poems written for the bride on her wedding night. If Wikipedia knows what it’s talking about, visual depictions of nude couples such as Venus and Cupid. They were given as wedding gifts during the Renaissance to represent good-luck wishes for the newlyweds.

Either way it sounds pretty sweet.


Comment by figleaf

Pretty freakin’ sweet indeed!

Comment by Nio

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