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Feminism is not sexism by Holly Pervocracy
July 12, 2010, 10:58 pm
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This is awesome, feminism is not sexism.

I have nothing to add as I’m currently pretty busy. I just bagged myself a studio in a warehouse and am moving in on Thursday, I am incredibly excited and looking forward to having the space to make the sex monster sculptures that have been occupying my mind for some time now.


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That is a good post isn’t it. It’s good to completely reverse something and you see the truth from someone elses perspective. I’m not feeling that eliquent today but you know what I mean :)

Comment by Jake

Actually, I’m not feeling especially smart today so maybe you could elaborate a bit on what you mean? Eh heh!

Comment by Nio

Ha ha well when the article says “Feminists do not want to see a Senate that’s 83% women, or a corporate leadership that’s 85% female.” Those are the male percentages and by swopping them round a man can imagine for a moment what it’s like to have a senate thats 17% male or corporate leadership that’s 15% male. So we’re briefly in our imagination placed in a woman’s shoes at a time when lots of people are saying women are equal now and feminism isn’t needed so much. Reading the life story of someone who’s changed their gender can do the same. Everything is swopped over and that can be enlightening..

Comment by Jake

Ah I gotcha, good point!

Comment by Nio

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