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Same-Sex Marriage Rally and Australian Sex Party
August 17, 2010, 1:25 pm
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I apologise if this is not the best update, I’m home sick with a cold, my muscles ache, my nose is dripping and my head feels like it’s clogged with mock cream. Anyway, enough fishing for sympathy!

The other day, I went to the Melbourne Same-Sex Marriage Rally with a couple of friends. Though I do not necessarily believe in the institution of marriage, nor the monogamous assumptions surrounding it, I entirely support people’s right to choose and right to equality.

From my point of view, the rally was peaceful, beautiful and had what seemed to be a really good turnout (various sources estimate a turnout from 1000 to 6000 people! I can’t find any sources that agree!) We started outside the State Library of Victoria where speeches were made, some beautiful and moving, others less so (the Labour representative was booed throughout her entire talk!) then we marched along the street all the way to the registry office where a mass illegal wedding was held. I’m usually dry eyed and bored at weddings but this had poignancy to it and I got pretty choked up.

Overall, I felt it to be a positive experience and it solidified my viewpoint that same-sex marriage is an important issue.

In other news, I recently became a member of the Australian Sex Party. As I am not an Australian citizen, I am unable to vote. However, I have lived in Australia since November 2006 and intend to continue to live here. Though I do not agree with all of the Sex Party’s policies, I like that they are explicit in their stance regarding equality, censorship, abortion, religion and so on. I think they offer just the kind of shaking up that the conservative, uninspiring world of Australian politics seems to need.

So on that note, check them out, perhaps donate to them, volunteer, become a member, even vote if you can/want to.


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Thanks again for inviting me out to this – it made my day.

Comment by Miss Roslyn

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