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Bold Bright Woman
September 3, 2010, 4:57 pm
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I have been fantasising about doing my own erotic comic series for several years now but the task always seems daunting as all hell and I never seem to have time. But today I thought if I just start small and wasn’t perfectionist – with character concept designs, perhaps mini comics later down the track, the practice and designing will help give me the confidence and skills to make my dreams reality someday. So here’s the first character concept sketch I did today, feedback is very welcome. Can you tell I was born in the eighties and grew up reading comic books?

I have notions of intense colours and bold lines in an erotic, unconventional, kitsch, gender bending, sci-fi, fantasy adventure. My heroes would be sexy, strong and fabulous. One can dream.


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“intense colours and bold lines in an erotic, unconventional, kitsch, gender bending, sci-fi, fantasy adventure. My heroes would be sexy, strong and fabulous.”

Wow, with this first character you’ve definitely reached those criterias! Looking forward for more.

Comment by Sina

Oh awesome to hear! Thankyou!

Comment by Nio



Comment by deadpanbear

I like her, she looks like she’s ready for some sexual adventures too. If your paintings ar eanything to go by a comic by you would be seriously twisted, funny, scary and totally awsome.

Comment by Jake

I love the colors (might want to
change the stripes to, say, stars–rainbows are so cliché anymore that
even the rainbow goers of old are a bit sickened in gay Mecca–my home… Just a thought. I love the colors and most of her body shape–the lower body is awesome. The arm and face definitely “gender bend” but in a way that (anatomically-medically) looks like she or even “she” has taken steroids–the arm shading is the thing that makes it look almost too muscular in the male
testosterone way with anabolic aids… Then the face is a bit Mike Tyson’d–since it has such a curvy booty and natural looking boobs, the man-face seems odd (again, most women can only look that way chiseling-wise by bad drugs being used.) very small edits to make, mind you-I like keeping it SIMPLE and must point out WJHC as an example of a series proving that you can keep it simple–focus on colors (not even skin shade distinction so much–that makes it SO HARD to replicate!!) and easy lines to do over&over–remember you have 500 times to draw this woman so make her something you can do easily…. And **try black lines to shade in creases/ elbow and other indentations, cellulite even**

I say THAT knowing a few great comic illustrators who have had to perfect their characters all via one thing: distinguished but EASY lines (if you use subtle detailing for the linework, your characters can get confusing; if the lines are always the same with just a few expressions each–angry/ecstatic/neutral, each talking/not talking with the creases always the same in general… Voilà, you got yerself a signature character.

Besides lovely Dave Eggars etc… Check the consistency of the Hello Brute series… Undeniably Brute when seen and what a sweetie to boot.

I think your characters, like brute’s, should by all freaking means!!, be cast into resins as well… Don’t forget the power of signature clothing/jewels. Face it, nudity isn’t the ONLY way to kick ass. Clothes are sometimes just that much awesomer because it is a powerlass wearing em…unless the power is sexual domination!! :P

Comment by Laura (USA)

Fucking kick-ass :D

Comment by yeahbutnobutyeahbut

im very excited for the gender bending. get to it!

Comment by Hannahspeltbackwards

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