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Public Pubic
September 3, 2010, 11:58 am
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I don’t shave “down there”. I did once, for a couple of months in 2007, it was fun to have a change. However, despite my best efforts and care, my skin was simply too soft and sensitive. Shaving rash and ingrown hairs were a constant battle and the stubble I always had by the second day seemed harsh and unattractive to me. Waxing doesn’t interest me, so I decided to go back to being natural. Luckily, I like a bit of fluff with my muff.

That said, I am sick to death of the “hair or no hair” debate. I’ve heard a lot of people on one side say that pubic hair is disgusting and unattractive, I’ve heard people on the other side say that without pubic hair, one looks prepubescent.

They’re both ridiculous arguments, positing personal preference as fact. It’s not fact. Some people like it with, some people like it without. Neither way is “disgusting” or “wrong”, it’s just fashion, it’s just what people are used to, it’s just individual taste. Why is that so hard for people to understand?

If I have yet another woman advise me that I should shave for the sake of my boyfriend (um, thanks, he actually likes me this way) or if I hear another person exclaim “Women should never shave! Why do they want to look like 9 year old girls?” I will scream and explode in a fiery ball of annoyance.

Seriously, can we stop this ridiculous war of the genitals that turns our personal grooming habits into a moral decision that may just cause the downfall of mankind? Please?

Oh yeah, and I wish we’d stop referring to women who don’t shave in porn as “hairy”. It makes them sound like werewolves.

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One man’s thoughts:

The only problem I see is when shaving becomes de rigueur or expected. At that point it does start to come across as a societal fetish for youth.

Your comment abut “hairy” indicates that thing have shifted towards that problem.
As to my own personal tastes – I find fully shaved to be hot / slutty, trimmed or landing strip to be erotic / romantic, and au naturale to be mixed bag; sometimes is good, sometimes it’s not. It depends on the women.

Comment by jonolan

One thing for sure – natural is easier and a lot less painful.

Comment by anotherman

I shave my beard every morning because I want to look like a 9 year old boy.

Pubes have lots of poitential for creativity, for dyeing etc. I could dread mine into a second penis :) I had a fashion idea that I’ve found extremely sexy because a bit like BDSM some peiople would find it objectionable, but the idea of someone tying a set of very fine chains into their pubes that dangle down and can be seen sticking out below the hem of a skirt I find very hot. bit like other pubic jewelry or vagazzling.

Comment by Jake

I love that picture! It’s like Don Hertzfeldt crossed with Total Recall.

You do manic smiles and angry genitals well, Nio.

Comment by Wes

Hair or no hair it’s just your cunt. Mine doesn’t look like what i suspect a 9 year old girl’s looks like, but I like the feeling of smooth skin between my fingers when I’m masturbating and therefore, it’s my call. But it’s like hair or eyebrows or any other body hair, a matter of opinion. I personally think guys with longer hair is not attractive, but I’m not going to tell my hot friend with the longish hair that he looks too feminine. That’s not my place. It’s called manners I suppose.

Comment by Carrie

It isn’t anybody fucking business, but I do often feel annoyed at the lack of mainstream portrayal or hairy genitals. As a woman with hairy legs and pubic hair, I get tired of hearing comments like “I don’t know how you can stand it!” (Its quite simple actually, I just wake up every morning…?) and “What does your boyfriend think of that?!” (to which I say that he doesn’t own exclusive rights to my body hair). I get so frustrated when people seem to think they can meddle in the affairs of other people’s personal presentation, ESPECIALLY when they try to present their argument as ‘its just weird/ its just not natural’ because as we all know body hair is natural, just like fingernails toenails, head hair, sweat…etc.

So in short, people need to shut their mouths and realize that style is just what it sounds like: style. Its not law or ‘personal hygiene’ or what have you. People who shave should shave because its what they want, because that’s how they express their own image of themselves, and people who don’t shave shouldn’t shave because its how they want to express themselves-and that’s that. People shouldn’t even think twice about somebody’s style preference, unless its physically hurting somebody (Poisonous spike pubes that shoot out into peoples necks maybe?).

So shut your mouths and be respectful-THAT’s called manners!

Comment by Hairyone

“Poisonous spike pubes that shoot out into peoples necks maybe?”

Bwahahahahahahahahahaha! Awesome! You just possibly win the “best comment on this blog ever” award!

Anyway, I entirely agree what you’ve said. Thanks for the comment!

Comment by Nio

My girlfriend goes for more of a “trim”

I like it, it’s refreshing, not naked, not a parka. It just seems right.

But again with the personal preference. Just wanted to point out the options that aren’t shaved/unshaved.

Comment by best of both worlds?

Good point. I myself do a teensy bit of trimming, but it’s nothing even close to a haircut, so I hardly think about it. But yes, good point. :)

Comment by Nio

[…] The rest of her post, and comments, can be found here. […]

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