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September 4, 2010, 6:44 pm
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Here’s another character concept design for that erotic comic series I might someday create. To be honest, I don’t actually spend any time “designing” the characters as such, I just draw them as they come out of my head. Suggestions are always welcome, though please note that I want the brightly coloured genitals to be sort of disconcerting… maybe they’re too disconcerting? This also made me aware of just how bad I am at drawing male bodied characters. I’m going to have to practice this some more which is entirely fine by me!

Also, is it just me or does wordpress compress the heck out of jpgs?


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The only thing wrong with him is his thighs are alittle bit too wide for a guy. Other than that he looks really good. The pink genitals are a really good idea.

Comment by Jake

Hmmm, good call about the thighs, I’m so used to drawing female bodies – never been able to find a life drawing class with a male model so far. Will have to get my lad to model for me. Thanks Jake!

Comment by Nio

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