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Antique Hardwood Bench

Just a quick one before I collapse into bed from utter exhaustion.

Recently, I was asked to talk about a sexual fantasy for sonicerotica.com. It was a little bit of a challenge for me as my fantasies tend to prominently revolve around visual elements, but this website is for the visually impaired. However, I had one reoccurring fantasy I realised I could share, despite it being a tad embarrassing.

You can listen to it for free here. A few people speak, my bit is at approximately 3:32, it’s only a few minutes long but if you want something to tease me about forever after, feel free to listen!


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That’s good! I’ve only ever heaed your voice when your going nuts on the Ultra Awesome show :) Your candid voice, confidence level etc, reminds me of Ella Morton who interviews people everyday for a living http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lmaCODXgefI

Comment by Jake

Thanks Jake! Also that video totally made me want candy.

Comment by Nio

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