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The Best Thing Ever
October 17, 2010, 3:47 pm
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So when I first learned to orgasm, I remember thinking “this feels familiar”, which confused me because I was pretty sure I hadn’t had one before. It wasn’t until later, when I came in my sleep one night, that I realised I had orgasmed long before I learned to… many times and always in my sleep. Usually it would happen when I really needed to pee, something to do with the pressure, and I’d often wake up from sex dreams with the most pleasurable of feelings and badly needing to urinate!

I always wake up when I’m coming, often I’m moaning and squirming as well, though I’m not sure if it’s especially loud or squirmy. I’ve never heard any reports of this from partners, only stories of my yelling, swearing and saying bizarre things in my sleep. (Once I said something which W found so fascinating that he didn’t go back to sleep until he had memorized it. I said “The cliché of an old man sitting in a bathtub, eating a gobstopper and just watching you.” Yeah, that old cliché! But I digress, I’m almost but not 100% certain that wasn’t a sex dream!)

Just yesterday, I woke in the morning to an exceptionally good orgasm and I realised something… “Holy fuck, I’ve been doing this deliberately!” I’ve learned to make myself orgasm in my sleep! The last three times that I can remember, I’ve made the conscious decision – in my dream – to come! And I do!

I’ve heard of people who can make themselves orgasm just by thinking about it but not about people learning how to do this deliberately in their sleep. Is this a common thing other people experience? I feel as if I’ve stumbled across the best thing ever!


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This happens every once in a while for me too. I haven’t quite managed to control it entirely, but when I do (rarely) dream lucidly I think I verge towards trying to make the dream sexual so that it happens! It happens if I’m having sex/grinding/receiving oral in my dream. Its the BEST thing to wake up to!!


Comment by missy

High five!
Can’t say I’ve ever experienced such a thing myself, but if you work out some kind of method behind coaxing the subconscious into it, please share!

Comment by Lucas

I can orgasm during that lovely half asleep half awake stage where I’m emerging from the dream state. It’s lovely. And doesn’t require any hands! I wonder if it just happens when my libido is in overdrive but where I’ve not been having much sex.

I also love letting my hands join in the fun, ever so gently … 8)

Comment by Desertgirl

I can do that too! It also seems to be related to having to pee..

Comment by Sina

This used to happen to me a lot as a kid. Dreamspace is the shit, many Native cultures believed that your dreams were the actual reality and that this life was the illusion.

I read once that one of the “curses” of Lilith was wet dreams, so now I just like to think I’m getting a visit from one of my favorite deities…lol

Comment by Sequoia

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