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It’s oh so quiet, shh shh
November 5, 2010, 9:29 am
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Though I have a lot I want to talk about, I’ve not had time to blog due to being busy with other projects. Just to fill the void that is my blog-space currently, I’m going to share an illustration I did the other day. I’m really not happy with it – it’s awkward, stiff, the poses look contrived, the anatomy is bad… gah. I’m not so crash hot as an illustrator. The picture was a bit of a train wreck to begin with and I’m sick of it so am going to give up on the hope of somehow fixing it. Instead I shall set it free by releasing it into the murky grey skies of cyberspace. Meh and so forth.

Edit: Also, I recently filmed, edited and starred in another ishotmyself.com video, this time for Halloween. It was rushed as all heck so it’s not quite what I wanted but there are some good moments in it. Once again, you have to be a subscriber to see my stuff at ISM but I do plan some things to share with the general public in the future.


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I think you were inhibited by the lack of colour. Anyway, hope you don’t mind but I’ve cropped it to leave the part that works really well and is extremely sexy! Gorgeous pair of legs!! I’d put the cropped pic in a classical decorative silver sainted frame. http://i284.photobucket.com/albums/ll9/jakeypooywoos/Ngiaoscreenshot.jpg

Comment by Jake

Haha, no I don’t mind! Cheers!

Comment by Nio

[…] This post was mentioned on Twitter by sexgenderbody, Jessie Ngaio. Jessie Ngaio said: Stopgap blog entry, shitcrap picture: https://niofaps.wordpress.com/2010/11/05/its-oh-so-quiet-shh-shh/ […]

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I like it.

Comment by Kitty

Thankyou! :)

Comment by Nio

I usually disagree when you start with any sort of grumble that–all artists seem guilty of it that I have met–resembles the gorgeous gay man self-deprecating and flattering others stereotype (that I see happen all too often, sometimes by arrogant “I know I am hot shit” ones, sometimes genuinely humble ones… All a game in the end…)

So yeah, usually you say things like that about awesome stuff (you are growing out of it, fully acknowledged, and that pleases me, def’ but of course we all have whiny I suck and the world picks on me days!)…

I kinda have to agree this is awkward and stiff.

HOWEVER, it is also slightly humorous. Know about anglerfish? The groped girl is like an anglerfish–heck, the awkwardly short stubby arms even resemble their freaking eerie fins!… And my god the FIRST thing I thought?? The back character groping looks like a horror movie monster about to do that whole suck the life out or absorb her flesh…
or Spirited Away’s consumer monster that got bigger and fatter til finally eating the cure and puking em all out.

Then the anglerfish…. See, its mate starts by ATTACHING AS A FRIGGIN PARASITE–that become one thing is not just a religiously zealous clingy thingy or a Jerry Maguire awful storyline! Anyway, it JOINS THE MATE’S BLOOD SYSTEM, ultimate creepy leechy vampiristic eep!

So yeah. This. Is. Your. Anglerfish. Moment.

And it both irks me and makes me crack up because science is so fucking bizarre and knowing about real biology, you just… Can’t get real uptight about which hole a HUMAN sticks it in (besides, bonobo babes are so awesome!) Nature proves sex can be WAY kinkier than we would ever dare be (I sure as heck hope at least. Don’t go stealing my circulatory system and clinging to me til we croak as one freakish swimmy beasty thing with Siamese dreams and babies that will be just as freaky–we would NEVER wish our kids become kinksters if THAT was a fetish with 400 toys to carry out at Adam and Eve!)

Comment by Laura

curiosity about ishotmyself…

I noticed in their banner ad section…. The same camera for almost every picture… In other words, girls likely paid to look like they are taking shots with a mid range cam with high enough resolution … A few give away that someone else with an actual HD camera is doing the “shooting” (sorry but no mirrors are randomly large and clear enough in a grocery aisle…)

As a for-profit venture… I sit here thinking about how clever but maybe how unethical it it is to offer pictures to girls with an idea of liberation when ultimately a shitload of money is made by -them- and… Do you get a fair cut of it? If not… How do you feel (with the hundreds of options to share to all people, poor and rich, 12 to 120, most just jerking off to it, a few genuinely wanting liberation, a few others on that scary edge of criminal lust–pedo/stalking/violent rape fantasizing or doing/hacking locations and databases to track down users, no secret people are doing all of these and more)… If they are profiting under a guise of “self liberation” when 99% of the viewers are 50 men with credit cards? Do you get any money from it? Is there any remote chance they report #of hits honestly/accurately if it alters their financial appearance and payout?

I am all for free expression…. But I am quite against pitching ideas to people with ideals as a coverup to taking home shitloads of money while a permanent record exists for every person behind those cameras and… Well, no secret that most would be destroyed by this later in their less hot lives when needing to pay for a mortgage/feed a family/walk the dog around ppl who have access to the uneraseable archives…

This is NOT an attack against you in ANY way (I wish they were open access files givdn how poor most are, but if you make $ from it, why not contract for their exclusive distribution/ownership/copies sold “underground” in China and beyond and all that?)… I say bravo on the courage–I would lose all
respect from most I know given the field I entered being big on a conservative notion of social appropriateness/”integrity” for the places
represented by me. I just get this sickened feeling with may sites that preach “freedom from misogynistic bullshit” when they actually cater TO that very thing and rake in loads of cash from it. I just wanna know specifics to that site in particular/why that one is different for you from the skeezy give us your body and we’ll sell it without scruples” sites. Look forward to learning about ISM and hope it is paying you and externally validated regarding things like “views” that magically update by the “hour” and not exactly in real time (even YouTube is guilty of this, but they have accountability).

Have a super weekend!

Comment by Laura

Shitloads of money… yeah last time I checked, ISM made quite the opposite of shitloads of money. Feck is not a big company.

Anyway, I’m finding it really hard to follow what you’re saying/asking here and am also unsure about how much I can discuss the behind the scenes of what is the place I make my living at. I like having a job and would like to keep having a job.

Suffice to say, I don’t think ISM is perfect but not really for the arguments you’re making (which I’m really having trouble untangling, anyway) and while there are things I dislike, I have found the project to be fun to participate in. Yes, people get paid for submitting their folios and they also get Feckshare: http://www.feck.com.au/nakedambition/p5.php I think it’s pretty generous for such a small company.

Comment by Nio

Laura ISM is my all time favourite website!! and I have a friend in Australia whos on ISM. Her own photo’s were pretty bad and so she was given all the assistance she needed until she did do one by herself, she was even lent an ISM camera. For all her ISMs she’s always been asked for ideas as they form the basis of the work, the work is about her not what a photographer otr viewer wants her to be. I know someone else here in England who has always taken all her ISMs unassisted from the start with wonderful results.

If I’d started ISM, I’d have people who were capable of shooting themselves right from the get go, others who needed help and other people who were beautiful who had no interest in self shooting. and I’d include all those people on the site, because the site is about them and their sexuality and not what the viewer demands. Thats a rather long name for a website :) So I shotmyself is a rather clever way of abbreviating that concept and pitching it to an audience with enough content to make the site viable and so support the people who can and love taking their pics and others who want to be on the site with less skill and need help and whos sexuality is no less valid.

I think entertainment that’s creative is the work of many people who go unrecognised so the audience can enjoy the result. Does Lily Allen write and produce all her own songs? no but she gets all the credit for them by singing and writing the lyrics. Their are about 40 artists who write the songs and make the videos and do the graphics. The end result of all this collaboration is work of quality. Ladyhawke does write words and tune Why should making good sexual imagery be any different to making a Lily Allen or Ladyhawke Album. (I love streets of Paris BTW)

The other thing is how do you sell a beautifully produced porn site to an audience many of whom have no respect for sexual imagery or sex, many of whom not only don’t care about the people who appear or their sexuality, but are abusive, hypercritical and unpleasantly demanding. Do you think your the 1st person in the world to have noticed the ISM mirror camera thing? :) I think ISM is an extremely clever way of pleasing 2 sets of people, viewers and viewed, with very different needs. If you wanna know how different read the Feck forums, especially IFM. Having said all that, there are some lovely people who view and support ISM, from married and single guys over and under 50 to both gay and hetro single and married women and because it records peoples real sexuality it’s been my favourite cool porn site for 5 years and the only one I’ve used for the past year :) So Laura please chill out and consider what many camera trick observers all over the world have realised, that ISM is about the people who appear not what we want. That’s why I love it.

Comment by Jake


Anyway, I have always enjoyed art (whether it be film, paintings, photography, etc) that is either unfinished, “flawed,” or in some way off centre. Interesting failures are way more thought-provoking than perfect bores. That’s why I like trash film genres – I think it was Linda Williams who said low budget genres are the most illuminating about culture because they’re raw and exposed, or something to that effect. Maybe it was Carol J. Clover…

Anyhoo, I like the picture, and I like that you’re throwing your work out there in an unfinished state – setting it free, as you put it. :)

Comment by Gore Gore Girl

A web site (blog) I think you’ll like is http://areyyoumylife.blogspot.com/–I have the impression that you “draw” your work–lots of freehand stuff. LaRoo has a very disciplined style–everything laid out beforehand, almost intricate care. there are a number of places where you she takes you almost step by step through the creation of a work–I find it fascinating. Of course I could be completely wrong, but I see your complaints about your work, and thought I’d offer this as a hopefully helpful idea. check it out & let me know what you think.

Comment by Paul Cobb

Oh cool, thanks for the link!

Comment by Nio

last post screwed up –site is http://areyyoumylife.blogspot.com

Comment by Paul Cobb

Or Laura we could lend out cameras, which would account for the regular reoccurrence of that particular sony. I can categorically assure you that the grocery isle lady did go out and do that shoot herself and she’d be pissed at your patronising assumptions.

ISM runs at a loss. Sometimes I think it keeps on running to give Nio a reason to make videos, they are things that need to be made, they make me happy, this one especially.

To be honest I have a great affection for ISM, I think lots of wonderful things happen on that site and Laura your categorisation of the men that may visit is highly offensive, not only to ISM’s subscribers but to the women and men who contribute to the site.

Comment by bobby

Thanks for the backup here, you said stuff I wanted to say but wasn’t sure if I could. Woot!

Comment by Nio

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