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Not Your Mom’s Trans 101
December 3, 2010, 12:06 pm
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I just wanted to spread the word about this article; Not Your Mom’s Trans 101.

“I think the time has come for me to tackle the problem of explaining and defining what it means to be transgender without resorting to cissexist language. It strikes me as I contemplate this task that Trans 101 is generally not only dumbed-down, but also declawed. There are truths that I must speak here that are incredibly threatening to a cissupremacist worldview, that attack its very foundations. But I for one am willing to do that. I am not here to make cis people comfortable or to reassure them that they are still the center of the gendered universe. In fact, I am totally fine with doing the opposite.”

I won’t pretend to be clued up enough to make any deep comments about this article, but I really enjoyed reading it and in light of my recent post about Transgender Day of Remembrance, I thought it might be good to continue the conversation and knowledge sharing goodness.


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Good article.
I used to play with both girls and boys toys.


And as I said a long time ago on the forum where you work. I use to like trying on my sisters clothes when everyone was out.
I think many people who seem happily cisgender have a gender fluidity they’re unwilling to admit publicly, So internally their quite happy with the fluidity but have no imperative to express it openly. Unlike a same sex attraction which means you have to come out somewhere to get yourself a same sex partner. All that I am I consider to be part of being a valid penis owner and not really anyhing out of the ordinary or anything I want to change. I don’t really like being catagorised because I’m just me, although if a sexual partner wants to call me something other than a man thats OK. I just accept that gender is fluid and everyone is individual, so if someone wants to be called a her when they have a penis or a him when they have a vulva thats fine. I think anyone who’s into early David Bowie will probably get all this straight anyway.

Comment by Jake

Typo ” I think anyone who’s into early David Bowie will probably get all this straight away”

Comment by Jake

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