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Fishnets, fashion and dickwads.
January 3, 2011, 12:30 am
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So I really like clothes but I have no fashion sense whatsoever, nor the money to invest in fancy things. Subsequently, I shop at op shops a lot and have a dress style that would perhaps be kindly described as “eclectic”. From time to time, I’ve apparently offended people with my horrifying disregard for the fact that certain colours, styles and patterns just shouldn’t go together.

So tonight I was wearing a pair of fishnet stockings that I got for $1 at the supermarket, along with a short skirt and corporate jacket I got from a second-hand shop. I was heading to an Indian restaurant with my boyfriend and stopped to kiss him when some douche bags drove by in a convertible and yelled “She’s a whore, she’s gonna cheat on you bro!” (in response to which my boyfriend called out “It’s ok! We’re polyamorous!” Ha!)

Now, maybe it had nothing to do with the way I was dressed tonight, maybe these were just general misogynistic dickwads, showing off to each other because their egos needed that validation.

But suddenly I was self conscious about an outfit I’d put on without thinking. There was once a time when I’d have worried about wearing fishnet stockings and a skirt, for fear of being viewed as “trashy” or “slutty” but nowadays, my general attitude towards clothes is “Fuck everyone, I’ll wear whatever I want to wear” to the point where I don’t often really think about what I’m wearing.

Still, for a moment I felt self conscious and insecure, just because some idiots said something stupid. I am feeling totally fine now, but it never fails to surprise me how easily my self image can be shaken by others.

Shaken, but ultimately strengthened. Fuck everyone, fuck arbitrary rules about how women should dress, I’ll wear whatever I bloody well want to wear. Now hand me my motherfucking tapestry cat vest and my golden leggings, I’ve got some being awesome to do!



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*Standing Ovation*

Comment by Lucas

*Standing Ovulation*

Comment by Nio

Haha. Great comeback by Wes.

Yeah, I’m with you. Fuck what other people think. I think, you know, going out naked is a line (due to the law). But, otherwise, who gives a fuck what anyone wears — it’s up to them.

Comment by Peter Bower

Going out naked is a line? Shit, I’m going to have to reconsider my outfit for today, thanks for the tip!

Comment by Nio

Yeah, fuck it!

Comment by Kitty

Would have been so cool if they’d crashed into something as they pulled away :) Nice retort though, and a nice retort can crash them mentally :)

Do they know what polyamorous means though. Did they crash into a silence of impuzzlement. We’ll never know.

Yeah fuck it you carry on being awesome.

Comment by Jake

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