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Carpal Tunnel and Amanda Palmer
January 17, 2011, 4:43 pm
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Ok I’m going to be entirely inactive here an undetermined period of time as I’m currently having problems with carpal tunnel and need to restrict my activity on the computer.

So in the meantime, here’s something I found very entertaining. Amanda Palmer has her say on the whole pubic hair thing (of which I’ve already posted my own opinion here) in the most fun, colourful, sparkly and catchy way ever.


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It’s sad to hear you have to take a break, especially as I just recently (read: todayish) discovered this blog. But you just made a devoted fan (with no small part from that hilariously awesome video above), so I’ll be waiting patiently. So here’s hoping you get better soon!

Comment by Sean

Oh I feel bad for taking so long to reply to this, thankyou so much for the lovely message!

Comment by Nio

Ok…so I have no problem with my pubic hair…but suddenly it just doesn’t seem glittery enough. ;)

I love Amanda. (obviously)

Comment by Miss Roslyn

I know exactly what you mean regarding having an inferiority complex about non-glittery pubes!

Comment by Nio

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