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May 19, 2011, 1:29 pm
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I found this thanks to Beautiful Agony’s blog.

“Written/Produced by Bette Bentley. Directed by Vincent Peone and Bette Bentley. Piss is a short film about a girl trying to convince her feminist boyfriend to pee on her. Official selection of the Miami Short Film Festival and Austin Gay and Lesbian Film Festival and Cinekink Film Festival.”

I found this really adorable, funny, realisitic and I very much related to the scenario. As someone who gets sexual kicks out of the idea of being degraded, I have often wanted to explore this. However, it hasn’t always been easy for previous boyfriends who are taught that good, feminist men don’t degrade women.

And you know what? Good, feminist men don’t degrade women. However, if their partner asks them to “degrade” them in a playful, sexual, consensual context that is an entirely different ballgame. The reason I put that “degrade” in quotes this time is because when you’re consensually degrading someone… what you’re really doing is gifting them with something very special: sexual pleasure and self acceptance.

I believe that to acknowledge and accept a woman’s sexual desires instead of pathologizing them is a hugely feminist act. It allows her a much greater deal of comfort and understanding of her own sexuality and in a world that denies women the right to sexual autonomy, isn’t that ultimately a positive thing?

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Ha ha that was a good film. Don’t know why they didn’t use a safe word though. It’s about acting and Pretending to be a stranger or intruder, I think those are fascinating games.much like acting in a play or video. It’s the same seperation of fact and fantasy. Though liking the fantasy of being abused does make me feel better about being aroused by the fantasy of abusing someone else, even though I know it’s just a fantasy. .

Comment by Jake

Yeah I thought they needed a safeword too but there was a time when I didn’t know about safewords so …yeah!

Comment by Nio

That’s sweet! A big pissy chew-toy indeed.

Comment by Wes

I love the clip and I totally agree with your following comments, a good sex-positive relationship is far more ‘feminist’ than one where the girl is on a pedalstal with flowers when she’d really rather be on the floor eating from a bowl covered in piss (or you’d like to ask her to be there…because it’s not just women who initiate a kink…at least so I’m told ;).)

Comment by singlefightfemale

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