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RSI. Sigh.
July 14, 2011, 1:27 pm
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There is so much I want to say, so many thoughts I constantly have about sex, porn etc, so much reading I do, experiences I have…

But I feel seriously inhibited by my RSI. I’m really not big on voice dictating software either. I’ve been thinking about video blogging but am confronted by the idea of putting my image out  there -that- publicly (says the lady who’s done porn). I also like how writing allows me to really sort my thoughts out, I don’t know if I can be that articulate in video. Gah, what do people think? Should I try video blogging? Do people even listen to video blogs?

Wow, this really is incredibly frustrating. Writing is something I seriously enjoy doing but if I want to be making art as much as I do… I really can’t do both. I think I’m going to go cry now… or possibly just bake some comforting butter cookies. Perhaps I’ll go cry into the cookie mix, mmm, salty.

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:( warm hugs. I know how debilitating RSI can be but I’ve never had it last as long as yours.

If video blogging helps you get your thoughts out, you should do it! They don’t even have to be public. :)

Comment by soundasleep

Have you considered just doing an audio blog? Then you won’t have to be putting your image out as much. And I’d totally listen either way, I starting reading your stuff just when your RSI started and I’ve been hoping it cleared up ever since. I’m sorry it’s going on so long :-/

Comment by bhacssylan

I too was about to suggest an audio blog. You have lovely vocal variance in the way you speak – so droning on won’t be an issue…and you’re passionate and to the point… so yeah…

Comment by singlefightfemale

Hugs, and I think you’ve got a lovely voice too. and this nescesity gives you an oportunity to be creative by uploading a video with a still picture and your audio. and you can edit your video without worrying about fading the visual because the visual of you will be unseen behind a pic. You could take a pic or draw one :)

Comment by Jake

Or you could use a glove puppet :)

Comment by Jake

Oh, you poor dear! :( I have no idea on the solution to your dilemma, but I hope you work one out and I’ll continue to watch/listen to your blog if you do change the format.

Comment by annicerisrahedonist

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