Feminism. Art. Porn. Sex.


Hello, I’m Nio.

I’m 26 years old and working part-time for an Australian company that makes “ethical erotica”. I have my Masters in Fine Art and am trying to make art that doesn’t suck. I hesitate to use a label to describe myself, but to give you some sense of what I’m about, let’s say I’m a sex-positive feminist.

This is my space to ramble about some issues that are close to my heart and other parts; Feminism, art, porn and sex. I’m not an academic and never claim I’m a voice of authority. It’s just that I often think about this stuff and have decided to start getting it out of my head in an attempt to make some sense out of it all.

Sometimes I dream of making porn that is art, art that is porn. The stars in my porn would be unconventionally beautiful, real yet otherworldly, powerful and dangerous. Colours would glow, senses would tingle, something deep and primal would be tapped into. Or perhaps it would just be the most kitschy, garish, fantasy porn extravaganza ever. Either way, it would fucking rock.

You can learn more about my mission for this blog and general views in this interview that the fantastic Gore-Gore Girl did with me.

You can also find my personal art website at jngaio.com and a a project I have with my partner that mostly consists of comics at sighfive.com.

From my first photo shoot at www.ishotmyself.com

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I fucking love it. I am going to work that into a conversation today. Absolutely. Guaranteed.

Comment by sexgenderbody

Haha! Awesome! Let me know how that goes!

And thankyou for the comment, it gave me a little buzz since I haven’t even told people this blog exists yet. I’m planning to get a few substantial entries up first so this is officially my first comment!

Comment by Nio

Wow, love it!

Comment by Olga Wolstenholme

[…] 2010 March 1 tags: Know Your Body, Orgasm, Sex Toys, Vibrators by Olga Wolstenholme My friend Ni0 from Feminism – Art – Porn – Sex gave me permission to repost from her blog. I […]

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you’re the shizzle!

Comment by Sequoia

[…] 30, 2010 tags: Art, Feminism, Niofaps, Porn, Sex, Sex Work by Olga Wolstenholme My friend Ni0 from Feminism – Art – Porn – Sex gave me permission to repost from her blog. I really like […]

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