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Next Wave, A Sex Worker Manifesto
September 2, 2011, 2:50 pm
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Annabelle Xaah – Next Wave, A Sex Worker Manifesto.

Really fascinating and well worth a listen. I really enjoy the whole Red Umbrella Diaries podcast series, a whole lot of stories from sex workers from many different walks in life.

Making Sex Work – Feminism vs. The Sex Industry
October 12, 2010, 12:32 pm
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I just came across this awesome video while reading Serpent Libertine’s blog. It’s a message to anti-porn, anti-sex work feminists and it basically expresses my own thoughts on the issue in a far more succinct and articulate manner than I am capable of. I’d love for people to check it out and spread the word.

There seems to be an overwhelming upsurge of militant feminists who are very much against sex work to the point where they want it abolished. I don’t own the term “feminist”, I can’t say they’re not feminist… but I could like to suggest that they’re bad feminists. Bad feminists, down! I said DOWN! BAD! No schmackos for you! Uh, anyway, as one of the women in the video put it, and I’m sorry if I misquote her:

“This is my body, this is the only thing I alone am ever going to truly own and I should be able to use my body as I see fit, regardless of whether you or anyone else sees it as morally or ethically wrong. The right to choose what happens to one’s body and the right to control what happens to one’s body is a fundamental right that I and others are extremely passionate about. The moment we say ‘no you can’t do this with your body’ is the moment we step foot on a slippery slope that ends up with people – not just women, men included – being denied their most basic right, the right to body autonomy.”

Yes! Fucking… yes!

Edit: If you’re interested, there’s also a follow up video dealing with some of the arguments people have made about the topic. It’s pretty great, I’m in love with the awesome lady who does these.