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Women “Withholding”
June 20, 2010, 7:50 pm
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One of my absolute favourite bloggers, Holly Pervocracy, did a fantastic entry picking apart a moronic article about “Reasons Women Withhold Sex”. You can and should read it here. In the comments, someone said something I entirely agree with:

“I’m frankly sick of reading and hearing about the things that “Women” do, as if women all operate under the same rules and motivations. We really don’t. Neither do men.”

Exactly. Each and every one of us is influenced by our culture, our upbringing, our genetics, the mood we’re in on any given day, whether we have gas from the beans we ate earlier, etc etc – human beings are complex creatures with a multitude of reasons for behaving as they do and I’d love for us to stop having discussions where we pigeonhole people based only upon their sex. Frankly, I think it’s offensive and unproductive.

That aside and just for the record… if she doesn’t want to have sex with you, maybe she’s just not that into you.


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Not surprising: The article she’s skewering was posted on foxnews.com, apparently courtesy of Askmen.com

Also unfortunately not surprising: It was written by a woman (Sarah Stefanson). Which might explain why she thinks she can get away with writing that kind of shit. It’s a pretty low strategy actually, to hire a woman to write the really misogynist stuff under the pretense that it must be okay ’cause it’s got a woman’s name attached. You can see the same thing employed in another article on Askmen.com called ‘Top 10: Cruel Things Women Do to Men’ – written by an ‘Emily Miller’. I’m not going to bother actually reading that article ’cause I think I know what it says.

Comment by Wes

Yeah I noticed that too actually. Yeah, just because a women wrote it, doesn’t mean it’s misogynistic bullcrap.

Comment by Nio

It’s better to split people into star signs :)

Yeah I do heaps of things that are suppose to be entirely typical of a woman. and the woman is my gran (my mum’s mum) who I apparently take after, so when someone says one of those behaviours is typical of a man it makes me laugh :) I say no it’s typical of gran :) Aren’t people who say those things creating a fantasy by stereotyping. Also people display stereotypical behaviour. People are genetically diverse but when they identify with a group exaggerate the behaviours common to that group and behave in a way that’s expected of them. kind of play a chosen role. That’s probably why there’s so few articles about men withholding sex http://divorcesupport.about.com/od/abusiverelationships/a/pa_sex.htm in that article the mans behaviour is suppose to be typical of a woman don’t you think? :) I think this is why history or looking at other cultures is so interesting because there you can find typical behaviour either subtly different or completely turned on it’s head.

Comment by Jake

Yeah it’s totally fascinating to look at other cultures or even our own 100, 200, 300 years ago. So much that we hold to be “true” and “inherent” turns out to be relatively new and learned.

That’s broadly speaking but I’m exhausted and so reserve the right to do so!

Comment by Nio

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