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Respecting Sluts

I just wanted to share a quote from an awesome article that you should totally read.

“Anytime we equate fewer sex partners or monogamy or any “vanilla” sexual practice with being more respectable, we reinforce the idea that the people whose sexual desires are outside those boundaries have to trade their sexual authenticity in order to be accepted. I would much rather choose who to respect based on how they treat themselves and other people, which certainly doesn’t have to correlate with the kinds of sex or how many partners they have.”

~ If You Don’t Respect Sluts, You Don’t Respect Women. 

Women “Withholding”
June 20, 2010, 7:50 pm
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One of my absolute favourite bloggers, Holly Pervocracy, did a fantastic entry picking apart a moronic article about “Reasons Women Withhold Sex”. You can and should read it here. In the comments, someone said something I entirely agree with:

“I’m frankly sick of reading and hearing about the things that “Women” do, as if women all operate under the same rules and motivations. We really don’t. Neither do men.”

Exactly. Each and every one of us is influenced by our culture, our upbringing, our genetics, the mood we’re in on any given day, whether we have gas from the beans we ate earlier, etc etc – human beings are complex creatures with a multitude of reasons for behaving as they do and I’d love for us to stop having discussions where we pigeonhole people based only upon their sex. Frankly, I think it’s offensive and unproductive.

That aside and just for the record… if she doesn’t want to have sex with you, maybe she’s just not that into you.